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Calvin Jones - The Barry Jones Family



I just received a copy of the new project from The Tindalls "It's Me Again, Lord" and from the moment I opened the package I knew there was something special about this recording. I love the picture on the cover because it really does reflect the humility of this group and their submissiveness to the Lord. The very first song is a great rendition of the Crabb Family's hit "Jesus In A Song". It's Me Again Lord picks up the old country style shuffle rhythm with the great steel work from our friend Jeffrey Conway Wamble and smooth fiddle work by Morgan Tindall. Kevin Beckett provides great piano work and Roy Warren holds a great beat on the drums. Tasteful lead guitar work is played by the Tindalls own Paul Tindall.

"Arms of Hope" is a song of strength and encouragement and gives the listener a hug that lifts the spirit and heals a wounded soul with the reminder that there is peace in the arms of God.

Total dependency upon the Lord is the realization that every on must come to in order to deal with life's problem. Great duet harmonies are featured on this song.

This project is loaded with great country gospel style music but more than that, it is loaded with the anointed message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Songs that will lift your spirit. The Tindall Family is one of many great local groups that not only are anointed to minister, but they easily display the talent with their own live musical instrumentation and vocals.

This is the kind of music I remember getting ready for church to on early Sunday Mornings. It's the kind of music that I remember listening to for our special church singing. Its the kind of music that was ministered when I would watch a sinner make the decision to walk down the isle to an old fashioned altar and surrender his or her life to Jesus Christ.

The boys at Blue Creek Productions have definitely produced a great project with The Tindall Family. Roy Bradford Warren - Thank you for sending me this today. I look forward to working with the Tindall Family at some point in the future.

Pastor Bill Terry, Calvary Bibleway Church

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